1. Calatrava, Valencia, E, 2014.

  3. Augustusburg, 2014.

  5. Chair. Molded slide, ca. 1980s.

  6. Gairloch, Scotland.

  7. Looking over to Skye, ca. 1996.

  8. Cooling tower is second highiest of the world, 200m. The cloud reaches up at least one mile. The mine is 300 m deep. When finished and flooded, you will find the second largest lake of Germany here (250 year from now …)

  10. Biarritz, 2013

  11. Biarritz, 2013

  12. It’s the end of the world…

    Biarritz, 2013.

  13. Room with a view. Marseille, 2013

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  15. River Rhine before sunrise.